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Learn how to perfect the most important performances of your life with Misty Megia.  Explore how to bring public speaking to the forefront of your accounting practice and it doesn’t have to be main-stage events, but even just the performance for a sales call. Welcome to episode 155 of the Grow My Accounting Practice.

Our Guest 

Misty Megia is a business strategist extraordinaire. With over 20 years’ experience in market strategy, project management, public speaking, corporate branding and channel marketing, Misty has driven success for multiple companies across a variety of industries from hardware manufacturing, software developers, green energy, education and more.

Misty’s powerful methods in helping businesses to create new revenue streams, develop their brand, streamline operations and bring a fresh eye to a company have positioned her as a leader in her field. Most recently, she worked with established thought leader Doug Sleeter, as Executive Director for The Sleeter Group where she managed the day-to-day operations of the company and established strong partnerships in the community to build on the trusted brand. After three short years working with the accounting industry, Misty was honored as one of the Most Powerful Women in Accounting by CPA Practice Advisor.  She currently is the VP of Strategic Initiatives at

In her other life Misty is a performer, director and choreographer of professional and regional theater. She loves bringing that knowledge to the business world and often incorporates it in speaker training for those that want to take their speaking from a speech to an experience. You will find more about her and her passion on

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