Peter McCarroll: Running a Global Practice

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Thanks to technology, your customers don’t have to live in the same town – or even on the same continent – as you. From work schedules to must-have tech tools to building an international team your clients trust, Mastery Certified Profit First Professional Peter McCarroll shares how you can build and run a global accounting practice. Peter McCarroll started working in his father’s accounting practice at the age of 18. He worked for Deloitte in New Zealand, Canada, and the US for 11 years. Peter started his accounting practice in 2010 and now has offices in New Zealand and Canada, with staff in four countries. He is sought out as an expert in the Xero online accounting platform and was the first ever recipient of Xero’s “Most Valuable Professional” award. Peter owns several businesses, including a SAAS product, and serves small business clients primarily in New Zealand and Canada, though he provides support to business owners all over the world. Websites:

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