Rachel Siegel: How To Be A Master Networker

Show Summary “Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable.” This is ProfitCon’s theme for this year’s conference, and it relates so much to Rachel’s experience in networking. In this episode, Rachel Siegel discusses the difference between introverts and extroverts. She also shares how introverts do networking and how it helps them get out of their shells. In order to grow, Rachel needs to network and this is what pushed her to start networking and talking to people as an introvert.  
    Like any good accountant, Rachel has a head for numbers. But for her, that’s only part of the equation. A Simmons College graduate, Rachel has spent 20+ years in private industries and public accounting practices all along the east coast. She has also been a QuickBooks ProAdvisor for more than a decade. Rachel believes a balanced life is just as important as a balance sheet. When she’s not working, she’s rooting for her favorite teams, traveling and enjoying time with her family.   Website: https://www.gofigureaccounting.net/ https://www.alignable.com/winter-garden-fl/go-figure-accounting Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoFigureCPA Corporate Partner:

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