Reis Paluso: How We Can Use Breathing As A Tool To Live An Extraordinary Life

Show Summary

Breathing is the first thing coming into this world and the last thing we do when we leave. We take about 600 million to a billion breaths in a lifetime and don’t even think about it.

In this episode, Reis shares with us the reason why we should pay attention to our breathing. It is a vital tool to not only stay alive but also regulate our nervous system. There’s a different way to breathe that’s correlated to the state we’re in at the moment. Reis teaches us how to breathe for the state we want to breathe in.

Reis also shares some tips for the best breathing practices before a sales call, presentation, or anything that could lead you to an anxious or nervous state in your workplace.

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Reis is the co-founder and CEO of Our Breath Collective, a global breathwork community focused on delivering daily guided breathing practices, breath education through workshops, courses, and trainings, and experiential deep dive retreats.

He specializes in the education of breathing to get in touch with our true nature as human beings. Focusing on principles rather than one method or technique of breathwork, he aims to build an understanding of our breath and its connection to our physiology, psychology, and nervous system. This approach helps him create flexible and adaptable strategies.





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