Rhamy Alejeal: People Processes – Partnership with Profit First Accountants

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In this insightful episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice podcast, we have the privilege of hosting Rhamy Alejean, founder of People Processes. The discussion primarily focuses on People Processes’ partnership with Profit First Professionals and delves into essential HR aspects. Rhamy illuminates when it makes sense for businesses to invest in HR. He emphasizes the pivotal role HR plays in a business’s growth and when it’s advantageous to consider establishing or enhancing an HR department. The conversation then shifts to practical insights on implementing an efficient HR department. Rhamy provides valuable strategies for building and sustaining a high-performing HR team. Key functions that HR should handle are also highlighted by Rhamy, shedding light on HR’s multifaceted responsibilities beyond traditional personnel management. This episode concludes by addressing contemporary HR topics. Rhamy discusses the significance of AI policies, navigating the return to work, ensuring compliance in fully remote companies, defining organizational culture, and effectively training future leaders. Rhamy’s expertise from People Processes, combined with Profit First Professionals’ financial acumen, presents a powerful partnership for businesses aiming for comprehensive success. This episode offers invaluable insights into the dynamic intersection of HR and financial management, providing listeners with actionable takeaways for business growth and sustainability.
Rhamy Alejeal and his wife, Elizabeth, are the owners of People Processes, a provider of integrated, automated HR processes. Rhamy and his team work with hundreds of companies across the United States, helping them learn how to stop pushing paper and start prioritizing people. In addition, Rhamy serves on the Federal Reserve’s Industry Council on Healthcare, providing insights into employer costs and how they affect businesses in today’s marketplace. He holds a bachelor’s degree in financial economics and an MBA with a focus on economics. His book, People Processes was an Amazon #1 best seller in the HR category, and one of INC.com’s Top Ten leadership books in 2019.
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