RJon Robins: Profit First For Lawyers

Show Summary In this episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice podcast, we were honored to have Profit First Professional RJon Robins as our guest, who has recently unveiled his book, Profit First For Lawyers. RJon illuminates that Profit First For Lawyers, while tailored to legal practitioners, holds relevance for a wide audience. Its financial strategies extend beyond law and can benefit any business aiming for increased profitability and stability. The discussion turns to advising others, raising the question of recommending the book to legal advisors. By enhancing financial acumen, this book can empower lawyers to provide even better service to their clients. Exploring the concept of How To Manage A Small Law Firm, RJon unveils this initiative he co-founded. The venture empowers small law firms with practical strategies for effective financial management. Leveraging his extensive experience, RJon outlines common financial pitfalls faced by small law firms and businesses. He underscores the importance of a structured financial approach to avoid these repetitive mistakes. RJon’s personal journey with Profit First showcases how implementing its principles transforms not only his business operations but also his personal financial well-being.
Amid intriguing revelations, RJon shares an amusing anecdote about his team launching a podcast on his behalf while he was abroad. He discovers this endeavor on stage in front of a large audience, realizing that his podcast was already five episodes deep.
RJon Robins is co-founder and President of How to MANAGE a Small Law Firm, which helps to manage more than 600 of the fastest growing & most profitable small law firms in and around the United States. How to Manage helps lawyers build businesses that work for them, instead of the other way around. RJon practices what he preaches, often working from his boat in sunny South Florida when not investing time with his wife and their son. RJon is an all-around great guy with a load of impressive credentials you can learn more about at ProfitFirstForLawyers.com.
Websites: http://www.howtomanagesmalllawfirm.com/ Corporate Partner:

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