Rob Brown: Winning Business in Tough Times

Show Summary

In this episode, Rob Brown shares how to build your practice when time is working against you not only during this pandemic but also with the rise of Artificial Intelligence.

During the pandemic, professional firms all over the world have lost revenues, clients, staff and opportunities. Pipelines of new business have been lost. New client conversations have been sidelined or cancelled. Growth and recovery will only happen if firms recognize the need to invest in their people, specifically the skills of those people to create new opportunities in a Covid world.

Many of the sales and business development methods that won work a few months ago are no longer in play. Networking, attending events, shaking hands, swapping business cards and meeting for lunch/coffee don’t work anymore. Many professionals are trying to force their old in-person methods to work in a virtual world. A whole new skill set centered around remote contact, digital presence, social media engagement and video meetings is required to source and convert today’s prospects into tomorrow’s clients.

Rob Brown is founder of the Business Development Academy, which trains busy accountants to be confident, effective work winners. He speaks internationally on trust, likeability, reputation, networking, collaboration and sales. He is the bestselling author of Build Your Reputation (Wiley) and his TED talk “The Personal Brand of You” has been viewed 250K times on YouTube.

Rob is the host of the popular Accounting Influencers podcast which interviews top accounting leaders and global influencers about what makes good firms great and good accountants world class. He is a committed Christian, a black belt in kickboxing, enjoys backgammon, loves orange chocolate, is allergic to grapefruit and plays four musical instruments to a decent standard.



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