Rob Taylor: Dads In Business, Leadership, Culture, Small Business Challenges

Show Summary

In this episode, Rob Taylor talks about his business journey and why that led to Dads In Business. Common issues such as high expectations for men or dads to succeed are also discussed by Rob.

He also shares how he helps businesses with the lessons he learned and the issues and opportunities he sees in a B2B (business to business space).

Learn to set boundaries and balance across work, life, money, and self. Rob stresses the importance of having time for family, yourself, work, and other things in this episode. Make time and learn to balance everything for a harmonious life.

Learn a whole lot more by listening to this episode, and don’t forget to share your insights below!

Rob Taylor is an entrepreneur business owner, an award-winning sales and marketing professional, and a Dad of 3 from Sheffield. In 2016, Rob was made redundant from work with a two-year-old boy and a pregnant wife. This moment triggered a journey into self-employment and running multiple businesses.

The following years have been a relentless journey into running a business, supporting family, (trying to!) having a life, and juggling what seems like a thousand balls with one hand.

Running a business and a family is complex. Part of his purpose is to support others in this unique to help overcome barriers and become better in business, at home, and a better parent!



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