Ronit Enos: Profit First for Salons

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Profit First is a lifetime process of growth. Realize that every little step is progress. Ronit Enos is a firm believer that one cannot do things alone. She’s a big believer in mentorship, coaching, and training. Ronit read books, hired consultants and coaches, and did everything that helped her a lot in the process with her business. But, no matter what she did, she never felt like she was bringing enough paycheck, and that’s when she knew there was something she wasn’t doing. She decided to look around and see what other businesses are doing to be profitable. Ronit noticed that other businesses are running cash flow in a different way. She brought Profit First into her business and implemented it and everything changed in just three months. They knew how to make money in their industry but didn’t know how to manage the money to work for them. That’s when Ronit learned that there’s a simple way to do and understand things. She doesn’t have to be a genius with numbers, she just needs to get over the fear. She started testing the Profit First concept and started moving money where she saw incremental growth. In this episode, Ronit also shares how she enhanced the Profit First framework for the salon industry and tells us more about her book, Profit First for Salons.     Ronit Enos is the CEO and Founder of Salon Cadence worldwide network, A White Glove Teaching and Training Company focused on scaling methods. Ronit Enos is a multi-passionate, idea and motivational Jedi that dreams without bounds. As a serial entrepreneur, author of Profit First for Salons to be published this year, and visionary strategist, she uses her innate ability to inspire and teach business owners how to build freedom-generating minds by having crystal clear vision and strategic plans. Having grown her Maxime Brand into an award-winning 7-figure salon (with 6-figure net profits), Ronit’s creative business strategies have garnered her prominent recognition. Her work has been featured in Salon Today, Aveda Means Business by the Hult International Entrepreneur MBA Program, and in Thrive Globals Big Ideas That Will Change the World and Authority magazine. She worked directly with a wide portfolio of clients from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, including Park Nahsonim where she served as Consultant and Communication & Team Growth Facilitator, working alongside the Coca-Cola Israel board of advisors. Website: Corporate Partner:

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