Sarah Delevan: Implementing Profit First in Food Businesses

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Today we get the inside scoop on Good Food from industry expert and Profit First Professional Sarah Delevan. Sarah shares with us why Good Food is so important to her personally that she has built her consulting business around supporting Good Food entrepreneurs, what makes accounting and bookkeeping in the food industry both challenging and unique, and what food-business owners need to do to become and stay profitable. Sarah also clears up some common myths and misconceptions about running a successful food business–and gives some bonus tips on how to shop at a farmers market. If you are a person who eats, you won’t want to miss this one!
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Sarah loves good food. In an at-the-farmers-market-every-weekend, read-every-ingredient-on-the-back-of-that-package kind of way.
So much so, that she co-founded a food business back in 2012 with the goal of building community around good food. It was her dream business, but the finances couldn’t support it long term, so, with a broken heart she had to close up shop after 2 years of business.
But, after honing these skills and building proven, repeatable methods and systems, she founded Sarah Delevan Consulting in 2017. Since then she’s helped good food businesses across the country achieve financial sustainability and profitability, and remains steadfast in her mission to change our food system one profitable good food business at a time.


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