Seth Fineberg: Top Challenges in the Accounting Profession and AccountingWEB Live Summit

Show Summary
Has anyone ever tried to get out of a job or a career path, but just couldn’t do it? Seth definitely has! He’s tried to get out of accounting several times but stays because of the ever-changing personalities and the folks he meets. CPAs, bookkeepers, Enrolled Agents dealing with tax changes are the lifeblood of what makes business happen and Seth loves being a part of all of it. Seth shares the significant changes in accounting he observed and how accountants keep adjusting to keep up. In this episode, he also talks about the most critical challenges he sees in the accounting and bookkeeping world, both the technical and the not technical sides. On the technical side, it’s all about getting your head around what works best with what. On the other hand, the less technical side is where accountants have not learned the essential skill of saying “No.” Accountants have to know when enough is enough for them from their clients, their vendors, and how they are expected to work. They have to say NO to more work and having less time for things that matter; NO to anything that sucks time and adds very little to no value. As a result of what’s going on now, Accountants just want to pack it in and do something else, which is why Seth advises on how to help accountants say NO. If 2010 is all about finding your WHY, 2020 is about finding your NO. Learn more from Seth Fineberg and join the AccountingWEB Live Summit on May 9th, aiming directly at their audience of tax and accounting firm owners and decision-makers to get that guidance and information that you need in your professional life.
    Seth has been a business-focused journalist and editor for the past 30 years, 20 of which were spent covering the accounting profession. Currently, he is Editorial Manager/US Team lead at Here, he oversees all editorial-related functions for the website and newsletter, helping to build audience engagement with content that supports the practical and professional development of CPAs and accounting professional practices in North America. He has also served in a variety of editorial capacities for AccountingToday, AdAge Magazine, and The Venture Capital Journal, to name a few.     Website: Corporate Partner:

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