Shane Lukas: How to Guarantee a Sustainable £$€1million + Practice on a 3-Day Work Week

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Many accountants are working silly hours but for insufficient reward, believing it’s the only way, straining relationships at home, their health & their lifestyle and STILL not serving their clients in the way they need to be served. DON’T be one of them – discover a much better and simpler way. In this episode, Shane Lukas will share 3 steps of a proven roadmap that has transformed the lives and businesses of thousands of accountants from all over the UK. He’ll share actions you can put in place immediately and see immediate results. Learn how to build a practice that works for you and not the other way around by listening to this Podcast based on Shane’s 22 years of working with best practice accountants. Shane Lukas is Author of ‘Putting Excellence Into Practice’ and ‘What’s Next For Accountants’ – and – Managing Director of AVN Inspiring Accountants – where he and his team have helped 3000+ UK based accountants massively accelerate their journey to success. Are YOU next?     Shane Lukas has worked with over 3000 accountancy practices over a 22 year period. His passion lies in helping them to be more profitable, with less effort and a lot more enjoyment. His books including the #1 best seller ‘Putting Excellence Into Practice’ and ‘What’s Next For Accountants’. He has a culmination of expertise that resulted in this 3 day work week concept. These are concepts that accountants can apply to their own firm and with their clients as a paid for service. Websites: LinkedIn:

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