Shweta Patel: Women’s Health and Wellness

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Shweta Patel shares her inspiring journey encompassing various aspects of her life. As a physician, she initially struggled with understanding and managing finances, referring to herself as financially dyslexic. However, her experience as a Navy doctor and veteran provided her with invaluable insights and the opportunity to contribute to the healthcare of military personnel. Transitioning from real estate investing to entrepreneurship, Shweta took on the challenge of launching her own startup, demonstrating her willingness to embrace new ventures and take risks. Throughout her endeavors, she emphasized the importance of looking beyond oneself and striving for global impact, reflecting her aspiration to create positive change on a larger scale. Shweta Patel’s story embodies resilience, growth, and the pursuit of making a difference in both personal and global spheres.

Dr.Shweta Patel is a Board Certified OB/GYN and a Veteran of the United States Navy Medical Corps. She is also the Founder of a Women’s Health Startup: Gaya Wellness- A Telemedicine platform delivering comprehensive care exclusively women. It is her background as being a entrepreneur that helped her navigate through the early hurdles of a business while being a physician. Gaya Wellness was created with the vision to transform how women are taken care of into a more empowering, easier and overall better experience. 

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