Silvia Guardado: Working with the Latinix/Immigrant Community

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In this episode, Silvia shares her personal story and how she helps her clients based on the experiences she went through as an immigrant. She emphasizes that it is significant to empathize, know, and validate people’s experiences and truly understand where they are, where they are coming from, and where they want to go.

She believes that there are still a lot of opportunities for immigrants in America because of the skills they can bring in that would benefit the country.

Accounting is not just about numbers, it’s also about concepts. As a professional bookkeeper, cash flow management coach, and the CEO of SMG Business Services, LLC, Silvia Guardado is an expert at translating number concepts and helping small business owners increase profits. Her mission as a Mastery Certified Profit First Professional is simple: help more business owners achieve permanent profitability.

Silvia, an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, combines over 20 years of bookkeeping and taxation experience with extensive training and certifications to provide financial guidance to small businesses and non-profits in various industries. Since immigrating from El Salvador in 1981, Silvia has had a passion for working with numbers and helping entrepreneurs, even when she was a new entrepreneur herself.

After taking time away from the business world to raise her five children, Silvia returned to corporate America and honed her accounting skills at CPA firms and tax preparation companies. But she maintained a strong desire to help entrepreneurs.

In 2014, she launched SMG Business Services, LLC, a company specializing in providing much-needed compliance services as well as cash flow management and Advisory Services for small business owners. She and her team help companies optimize their accounting to generate profits and achieve success. Silvia’s secret sauce is compassion.

Always dedicated to giving back, Silvia has volunteered with numerous organizations in her community and served as a founding board member and treasurer for the National Latina Business Women Association, Inland Empire. Silvia earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.





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