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Today, we have the honor of speaking with Shannon Simmons, a Profit First member since 2014, who just recently decided to go through our “surge” process. She is now currently experiencing rapid growth in her business after only 8 weeks. She shares strategies to focusing on a niche, leveraging it, and connecting with influencers. Discover all that and more on this episode of GMAP. Welcome to Episode 171 of Grow My Accounting Practice!

Our Guest 

Shannon Simmons is a Profit Advisor to owners of gyms and fitness centers. After working in public accounting for 2 years, she realized she wanted to serve business owners, not banks and the government, so she opened her own bookkeeping practice almost 10 years ago. After years of frustration without a system to create profit and manage cash flow, she was introduced to Profit First by a client and has seen the amazing effects of it in her own business and many of her clients who implement it and then stick with it!

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