Tara Cannon: Merchant Services and Credit Card Processing

Show Summary

In this episode, Tara shares a quick roadmap of processing a credit card and how the funds arrive at the merchant’s bank. And also the most popular ways of processing and programs earning more popularity.

Tara also discusses what makes an outstanding sales agent or trusted advisor in the credit card processing industry. They not only look at a statement and quote to reduce quotes, but agents also take time to understand the business, its pain points, and needs.

There are also some misleading practices within the credit card processing industry which Tara explains how to avoid.

Tara has solutions to help streamline business processes, a solution that instantly syncs credit card transactions with Quickbooks.

Tara was raised in East Brunswick, NJ. While growing up, she excelled at several sports, but finally selected swimming as her sport. In 1993, she began raising her family in Toms River and then Forked River, NJ. In 1997, Xerox hired Tara as a Sales Executive and she moved to Princeton Junction, NJ so that she could be close to her office and clients. While living in Princeton Junction and being a single mom, Tara coached 5 sports, participated in sports and won many tai kwon do tournaments. It was during this time that the local Sports Authority named her their Coach of the Year. Xerox was very good to Tara, but after working so hard for so long and having raised her children, she decided in 2018 to start a new career as an agent/partner with CardConnect and she could spend more time with her two grandchildren which was a blessing during Covid. In her free time, she enjoys walking, swimming, going to sporting events and networking. She resides in Sparta, NJ.

Tara is most proud of raising two very smart, athletic and accomplished children who are doing very well with their careers. Both children received full scholarships to Princeton Day School and partial scholarships to their respective colleges. She is blessed and appreciates all that she’s been given.



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