Tara Newman: Dark Part of Business

Show Summary
Never let shame get in the way of asking for help and starting over when you experience failures, losses, and defeats. In this episode, Tara Newman shares why business owners stay silent about the dark part of their businesses and how come no one seems to talk about it. Tara believes that having trials and challenges in your business is a learning moment. The lessons from her experiences are what she has been sharing with her clients. She shares her real story and does not let shame get in the way. When you’re down, you have to see the silver lining and the good in the bad. “Optimism is the only mindset of any value.”     Tara Newman is the Founder and CEO of The Bold Profit Academy, where she teaches service-based business owners how to sell premium services and programs without the emotional stress of launching, worrying about ads, overwhelming social strategies, or complex funnels. Tara hosts a weekly podcast called The Bold Money Revolution and has been featured in publications like Money Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and Huffington Post as well as other publications and podcasts. She earned her Masters in Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University, has over 20 years of experience, is a certified Profit First Professional, and holds an advanced level Reiki Certification. Everything she teaches incorporates Energy, Mindset, and Strategy as a framework for resiliency and results.   Instagram:   Corporate Partner:

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