Tara Newman: The EMS Framework

Show Summary

In this episode, Tara Newman shares what EMS (Energy, Mindset, and Strategy) Framework means and how it works.

The difference between how men and women handle talking about money and profit is also discussed in this episode, as well as the reasons why women need to talk about money.

Intuition is important in running a business. Tara talks about what role it plays and its importance.

“Motivation does not come before you take action. It comes after you’ve taken the action. Stop waiting for motivation and do a little bit of action and set yourself up for success.”

Through her podcast, The Bold leadership Revolution, as well as her association, The Bold Profit Academy, Tara Newman is the Leader of Leaders. She supports leaders as they embrace their ambition and leave the grind behind. Using decades of entrepreneurial experience and a Master’s in Organizational Psychology, Tara is uniquely qualified to teach leaders to run businesses without sacrificing their health, relationships, or integrity by establishing behaviors, habits, and rituals aligned with their vision of success.

Tara Newman is the founder of the Bold Profit Academy where she teaches entrepreneurs how to generate significant income so they can pay themselves well and profit wisely and she is here today to teach us how to do so! Tara, welcome!





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