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This week Mike Michalowicz, Ron Saharyan, and Chris Curran speak with Tax Extraordinaire, Eric Levenhagen to discuss how you can coach or guide your clients through better tax preparation. Most entrepreneurs default to incurring expenses at the end of the year to avoid taxes and end up damaging their business as a result. Eric shares a specific strategy for appropriately reducing tax consequences without this very reactionary response, including techniques like entity selection, entity management, and modifying payroll based upon the type of company you have (including family members in the business). Eric also shares a way that bookkeepers who do not want to get into tax can partner up with a tax accountant. Welcome to Episode 166 of Grow My Accounting Practice!

Our Guest 

Eric is passionate about helping individuals and business owners achieve personal success and financial security by helping them overcome their biggest financial obstacles.  He founded ProWise Financial Coaching to help service professionals grow their after-tax income and wealth through three primary disciplines:  Proactive Tax Planning, Profitability Coaching & Investor Coaching.  Eric is a best-selling author of the book Secrets of a Tax Free Life: Surprising Write-Off Strategies Most Business Owners Miss and a nationally recognized, award-winning Certified Tax Coach.

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