The Fast Forward Mindset with David Schnurman

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If you want to be more fearless and more focused, if you want your business to grow, it’s all about achieving a fast forward mindset. You can get better results faster by shifting your mind. Today’s guest, David Schnurman, explains how on this episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast.

Our Guest

David Schnurman is the CEO of Lawline, the leading provider of online Continuing Legal Education (CLE) in the country. The company recently celebrated serving over 130,000 attorneys with over 3,000,000 courses completed. David is also the past president of Entrepreneurs Organization New York. David is the author of the book The Fast Forward Mindset: How to Be More Fearless & Focused to Accelerate Your Success.” This book shares a very simple formula to consistently break through your walls and fast forward your entrepreneurial success and happiness. David is a frequent speaker to business organizations, colleges, and high schools on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, mindset, leadership, and culture, and has published articles on these topics in Forbes. His success has been recognized by his peers in entrepreneurship and the legal industry, and has been featured in e Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine,, Crains NY, the New York Post, and

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