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In this episode, Tim Seymour shares his story of how he built up his accountancy practice and sold for profit with the help of being a Profit First Professional.

He recently took on the license of Profit First Professionals UK along with Duncan Lloyd and enjoys supporting their current members and delving deeper into their businesses and their client’s businesses. They are currently open for new applications to join their supportive community of UK Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Coaches, where they help them transition their business compliance and focus on cash and profit.

Tim is driven by having a passion for helping business owners move away from the month-to-month cycle of money in, money out on bills, wages, and what remains is for the business owner, and it’s never enough. He knows because he has been there.

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Tim ran his Accountancy Business for 17 years before selling for a large profit to fully transition into coaching business owners on how to implement and maintain Profit First, which, when maintained correctly will increase the cash in the business and drive profits forward positively.

Since then Tim has gone on to become a Mastery Level Profit First Professional and, under his brand name of Your Profit Coach, is passionate about Coaching other businesses that are stuck in a rut with their finances like he was. He gets immense pride from guiding others to travel the same journey he traveled not so long ago.

Once Duncan and Tim spoke about taking over the Profit First UK license Tim knew he could help Accountants, Bookkeepers & Business Coaches who are in the same position he was in, as he knows there is a much better way to do things with Profit First.

Tim can’t wait to move forward with Profit First UK along with Duncan and the current members, where they will be looking to raise brand awareness and open up new membership opportunities for those Accountants, Bookkeepers & Business Coaches that are a good fit to represent Profit First UK.







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