Tom Hine: The Art of Business Acquisitions

Show Summary

In this episode, Tom Hine shares some typical deal structures or multiples that accounting firms are paying to acquire other accounting firms. He also shares what percentage of accounting firms are doing investment planning and wealth management.     Tom Hine is a 25-year veteran of the financial services industry, and the CEO of Capital Wealth Management, LLC. His firm has acquired 7 wealth management firms and conducted due diligence on more than 100 other firms. Tom’s journey in wealth management started after he graduated with his MBA from the University of Connecticut in 1986. Tom is also a 4th degree black belt in Shotokan Karate. He has been practicing his craft for more than 35 years and studied under the esteemed likes of Sensei Masataka Mori. He spent over 10 years helping senior instructors with their teachings and has helped countless others in the study of Shotokan Karate. Tom’s main goal is to help others succeed in retirement planning, succession planning, and future mindfulness. He hopes to do this by sharing some of the nuggets of wisdom he’s learned over several decades of successful wealth management practice and extensive martial arts training. When he is not busy taking care of his clients or practicing mindfulness, Tom enjoys following the Boston sports scene and spending time with his family and friends.   Amazon: LinkedIn: Instagram: @tomjoseph2929

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