Tuesday P Brooks: Building Capacity as a Microenterprise

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Take that leap of faith to move forward with your business. Tuesday had a dream and a vision, and she realized that through partners, other resources, and relationships, she could make that dream come true, not only by helping her with her business but by providing careers and opportunities for so many. Tuesday started a program in Africa, which is an extraordinary contribution and a novel way to grow a business. There are young women in Africa who need opportunities and set up a business of their own and share in this new way of doing business in terms of technology. She thought that if she wants to grow her business, she should focus on women, so they trained women to do bookkeeping in the AJOY way. The idea came in November, and they graduated their first cohorts, 11 young women. They taught them more than just bookkeeping and created courses on US Tax, US Accounting, and US Business, in general.     Tuesday P. Brooks, MBA is a business owner, educator, trusted tax & accounting advisor, and proud US veteran. Her financial management, AJOY, is committed to improving the profitability of micro and small business enterprises. Tuesday’s vision is to foster exponential growth of financially-sound women-led companies that employ across the US. As such, she works tirelessly to provide direction to aspiring entrepreneurs on how to start and grow. Her keen knowledge in accounting for small businesses makes bookkeeping, tax compliance, credit readiness, and cash flow management accessible to early-stage business owners. To date, she has educated more than 3000 aspiring entrepreneurs and developed strong relationships with community-based organizations and government agencies that provide technical assistance to businesses primarily through one-to-one coaching, workshops, and business curriculum development. Tuesday is a frequently sought-after panel presenter and workshop facilitator and has been honored multiple years as a Best For New York Changemaker. She is an alum of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses and VIP Start programs. Her firm, AJOY, specializes in ventures in media, sports, arts, entertainment, beauty, fashion, wellness, and professional services. Tuesday is a native New Yorker who enjoys physical fitness, dancing, live music, and boating. Website: Corporate Partner:

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