Val Duvick: Bringing Profit to the Creative Space

Show Summary

In today’s episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice podcast, we are excited to welcome Val Duvick, a seasoned wedding photographer turned business coach and certified Profit First Professional specializing in female creatives. With a unique perspective and unconventional, life-centered business strategies, Val challenges the notion that creatives struggle with numbers and math. She speaks the creative language fluently and passionately believes that even artistic minds can take control of their money and time.

Val shares her personal journey in the episode, revealing how the Profit First methodology became a transformative force in her life and business. This segment serves as an inspirational testimony to the impact of strategic financial management on creative entrepreneurs.

Moving on, Val delves into why traditional accounting can feel like a foreign language to creative entrepreneurs but emphasizes how Profit First provides a manageable and relatable approach. By breaking down barriers and simplifying financial concepts, Val empowers creatives to embrace financial control without feeling overwhelmed.

The episode further explores the profound connection between money management and achieving a healthy work/life balance. Val sheds light on how the way we handle our finances directly influences our ability to create harmony between our professional and personal lives.

Closing the episode, Val offers insights on how accountants can better serve their creative clients. By understanding the unique challenges faced by creatives in the financial realm, accountants can tailor their services to support their clients’ specific needs. Val’s expertise provides a valuable guide for both creatives seeking financial empowerment and accountants aiming to enhance their support for this dynamic sector.

Val is a wedding photographer-turned business coach and certified Profit First Professional for female creatives with some hot takes and unconventional, but life-centered and life-giving business strategies. She speaks the creative language and is passionate about proving that even creative brains are capable of taking back control of their money and time! Val is married to her best friend of 12+ years (Mark), she has two sweet daughters (Alea + Ivy) and they live a modest, but intentional and faith-filled life doing their best to love and serve the people around them.

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