Wally Malesh: Applying Profit First to the Real Estate Team Business Space

Show Summary
Join us on the latest episode of Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast as we sit down with Wally Malesh, an Executive Coach with KW MAPS, for an insightful conversation on various topics related to business planning, financial strategies, and personal growth. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:
  • Starting Business Planning with Profit: Wally shares insights on implementing Profit First principles from the beginning, setting a strong foundation for success.
  • Staying the Course: Discover how to maintain consistency and persevere through challenges on your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Financial Master Mind Group: Learn the benefits of collaborating with like-minded individuals to enhance your financial intelligence.
  • Paying it Forward: Hear inspiring stories of giving back and supporting others to fuel personal growth and fulfillment.
  • Beyond Profit First to Wealth Planning: Explore strategies for long-term financial security and achieving wealth goals beyond Profit First.
Don’t miss this enlightening conversation with Wally Malesh, where he shares his wisdom and practical tips for business planning, financial mastery, and personal growth. Tune for an episode packed with valuable insights that can transform your approach to entrepreneurship and wealth planning.
Wally Malesh is an Executive Coach with KW MAPS. With over 40 years of experience, Wally is a highly successful entrepreneur, educator, coach, author, and strategic thinker. His strong belief in the power of personal growth is evident in his award-winning career and accomplishments. Wally has authored numerous publications, including an eBook titled “Powerful Questions Create Powerful Outcomes,” a Weekly Journal, and the internationally read weekly blog “Monday Mindset.” In addition to his publications, Wally is sought after as a speaker, motivator, and trainer, both online and in-person throughout North America. Wally’s primary focus is coaching growing MEGA teams, helping businesses with annual grosses of $1,000,000+ transition to netting $1,000,000 annually while consistently maintaining a 30%+ profit margin. His clients have been featured on stage at Keller Williams’ annual international events, including Family Reunion and MEGA Camp. Wally’s mission is to build CEO-level coaching relationships that transform the Keller Williams Mission Statement into reality: Careers Worth Having, Businesses Worth Owning, Lives Worth Living, Experiences Worth Giving, and Legacies Worth Leaving.  
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