Yoseph West: Profit First Professionals and Relay Partnership

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This is a special episode with Relay Financial’s CEO and Co-Founder, Yoseph West!

We know how challenging it is for people who implement Profit First in their businesses to find a banking solution that works for them and their clients. It takes convincing, negotiating, and adapting to do Profit First banking which costs time and forces you and your clients to make difficult tradeoffs.

In this episode, Yoseph shares with us what Relay Financial is and why it is so great for Profit First banking. Relay knows accounting, bookkeeping, and client advisory. The roots of their business lie in the industry. But more importantly, their product truly enables Profit First banking.

Relay is a financial technology company, not a bank, which Yoseph explains in this episode.

The banking features aren’t the only reason we’re so excited to work with Relay’s team. It comes down to how invested they are in Profit First and the Profit First Professionals community.

Yoseph West is the Co-Founder & CEO of Relay Financial, a business banking platform that gives SMBs better visibility into their financials and simplifies collaboration between small business owners and their advisors — accountants and bookkeepers. Before Relay, Yoseph led marketing at Hubdoc, joining the company when it was at zero revenue and leading its growth until Hubdoc’s eventual acquisition by Xero. Prior to that, Yoseph also co-founded Vuru, a financial analysis product that was acquired by Wave Accounting. He later joined Wave Accounting (now H&R Block) to lead the company’s product engagement and monetization efforts.



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