Leah Ellis: What It’s Like to be a Profit First Guide

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Leah Ellis joined us as a guide at Profit First Professionals in early 2022. She owns Endeavor Financial Coaching, which she’ll be sharing with us in this episode. Being a Profit First Guide is a natural fit for Leah. She has been a fan of the book even before becoming a guide. She shares the difference between knowing Profit First based on reading it as to what she learned by being a Profit First guide. She also discusses how she supports challenges faced by prospects and customers and how she identifies their money trauma when speaking with them. If you ask her what’s the best thing about being a Profit First guide, it’s getting to be the drop that starts the ripple in terms of their financial education. She loves encouraging members to teach their clients how to make their financial lives better, not just teaching cashflow…it’s all connected.     Leah Ellis of Endeavor Financial Coaching teaches fed-up Americans how to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle and reach their money goals. She is here to help calm the financial worries of families, solopreneurs, and small businesses ready to take control of their money. No matter your age or financial situation, she will help you dispel money myths and slay money dragons!   Website: https://www.endeavorfinancialcoaching.com/ https://profitfirstprofessionals.com/ Corporate Partner:

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