Sue Fulmer: How My Experience at PFP Sets It Apart from My Previous Workplace

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In this episode of the Grow My Accounting Practice Podcast, we have a special guest, Sue Fulmer, who currently serves as Ron Saharyan’s assistant at the Profit First Professionals Homebase team. Sue delves into her professional background, sharing insights into her significant role during her 17-year tenure at Mars, Inc. As she reflects on her journey, Sue draws comparisons between the corporate culture at Mars and the distinctive environment at Profit First Professionals.

Throughout the podcast, Sue provides valuable perspectives on her experiences, highlighting the contrasts between her initial career and her current role within the Profit First framework. Listeners gain unique insights into Sue’s relationship with Ron Saharyan, exploring the dynamics of their professional collaboration and the special qualities that make working at Profit First truly stand out for her. Tune in to discover the secrets behind Sue Fulmer’s journey and the distinctive aspects that define her experience at Profit First.

Sue Fulmer, born in the Bronx, New York, was raised in Bergen County, New Jersey. With a wealth of experience, she dedicated 17 years to Mars, Inc., ultimately serving as Sr. Global Procurement Manager in IT Consultancy.

Presently, Sue is an active Profit First Professional member at Homebase, where she excels as a Scheduler and Personal Assistant to Ron Saharyan. Beyond her professional endeavors, Sue embraces the roles of a devoted wife and mother of two. Recently, she joyously welcomed the title of a new grandmother to a 3-month-old little boy and proudly serves as a loving “Dog Mom” to her furry companions.


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